Taxation Services  

The Inland Revenue Department (“IRD”) will issue tax return to individuals, sole proprietors, partnerships, property owners and limited companies. Such persons and corporations should complete and file the tax return within 1 to 3 month from the issue date of the tax return together with the required documents to the “IRD”. Profits tax return will be issued within 18 months from the commencement date of business of companies in Hong Kong. Should the person haven’t received the profits tax return from the “IRD”, he/she should notify the “IRD” its chargeability of Hong Kong Profits Tax.
Tax Return can be completed by the taxpayer and returned to the “IRD” by post. However, taxpayers usually do not have the professional knowledge and are liable to pay more tax than they should if they wrongly complete the profits tax return. Some taxpayers even be prosecuted and fined due to omission of information to be completed on the profits tax return. We are experienced with handling tax issues with the “IRD” and confident to minimize your risk on filing a wrong tax return.
Our scope of services includes:

    • Preparation and filing a tax return
    • Calculating the estimated tax liability
    • Tax planning preparation
    • Assist customers to reply any inquiries issued by the IRD
    • Act as the tax representative of our customers on objection of tax assessments

We specialised in the following tax services:

    • Profits Tax
    • Profits Tax for self-employed (a sole proprietor or a partner of a partnership business)
    • Salaries Tax for employee
    • Property Tax
    • Stamp Duty 

Our fee will be charged according to situation of each individual case. If you would like to engage us for the provision of the above services, please contact us immediately. Unnecessary delay will only lead more tax problems!